Vaccination Centers

Management of the vaccination process

To deal with the current state of Covid emergency, Vaccination Centers need intelligent queuing systems, capable of organizing patients in the best possible way along the vaccination process, ensuring administration in a short time and to as many people as possible, in compliance with the best levels of efficiency and safety.

Kiosk offers the best patient flow management system on the market today: Kiosk Hydra Hospital, a scalable system perfect for the Hospital Vaccine Point (PVO) and Population Vaccine Center (CVP).
La piattaforma Kiosk Hydra è una soluzione robusta, stabile e performante che fa dell’efficienza il suo elemento centrale di considerazione.
È lo strumento indispensabile per garantire un ordinato ed efficiente svolgimento delle attività nei punti di somministrazione.

Specifico per strutture sanitarie di ogni dimensione, da quelle di medie e grandi dimensioni, fino alle macro-strutture adibite alla somministrazione della vaccinazione, Kiosk Hydra Hospital è in grado di agevolare il lavoro del personale medico adibito alle vaccinazioni (medici, infermieri, ecc), il lavoro di raccolta delle prenotazioni e il lavoro di check-in prima del trattamento sierologico.

Why Kiosk Hydra Hospital

Years of experience in the healthcare environment have allowed us to create a system that responds in a timely manner to the needs of healthcare professionals.
Not just a simple queue management system, but an advanced platform, ideal for the efficient and complete management of the acceptance and vaccination phases.

Kiosk Hydra Hospital allows the management of flows by organizing them in multiservice, multidesk and multisite queues, carrying out the task of addressing and sorting patients to the waiting point for vaccination treatment.

Kiosk Hydra Hospital is a vertical solution designed to manage the logistic steps and phases, in a centralized way, with the aim of:

The software platform and the related hardware apparatus (ticket issuing totem, large display for calling patients, box identification display) is particularly flexible and this allows rapid set-up and commissioning in a variety of public and private facilities (including companies, assembly centers, exhibition centers, sports halls, etc. ..).

patient during vaccination

Respect for the vaccination course

Kiosk Hydra Hospital respects and perfectly satisfies the requirements of the vaccination process in a CVP, PVO, PVT, that is:

Furthermore, Kiosk Hydra Hospital has been designed following solid best practices, not to underestimate the concept of accessibility for anyone.

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Don't waste time. Fix a call

Want to know more about our vaccination flow management platform?

Talk to our product expert: fix a call and book a live demo

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