Dise CX

Dise CX is the web portal of the Dise platform, where you can manage and schedule your content and create dynamic viewing experiences.
The Dise platform coordinates all parts of the digital signage solution, from player management and file storage to playback statistics and status management.
The Dise CX Portal provides the user interface for the Dise platform. Users can easily and securely access the CX Portal from any browser and device.
You'll get the same intuitive experience on whatever device you're using, thanks to the responsive intelligent interface that scales to fit your device's screen.

Using the CX portal, you can list and manage the player settings and the contents present in it.
The Dise Premium and Dise Lite players that are connected to the CX platform, not only report their operating status, but remain up-to-date with the latest information provided.
Changes are made by users in the CX portal and once posted to players they react accordingly, for example by downloading new content or removing content as required. The players will report the playback information of the logs. The process of installing or replacing a player is simplified and makes its configuration simple and efficient.

Dise CX Composer

Dise CX Composer is a creative tool used to design templates, dynamic content and interactive experiences.
Dise Composer is often recognized as the market leader when it comes to high performance content creation. Dise CX Composer is a complement to the Dise CX portal and provides access to tools for creating simple and advanced digital signage installations.

In Composer, you can create and manage multi-layered presentations with dynamic content. Content creators can create content that runs on Dise Premium and Dise Lite players. Presentations can be previewed, then saved and uploaded to the CX portal for distribution to Dise players.

Drag and drop media files into your presentations and organize the content in a timeline. Bring photo feeds, live recordings and video streams to mix with your content. Text objects, tables, tickers (scrolling texts) and clocks are available and customizable.
Add effects, transitions and motions to make everything pop.
Dise templates are also created in Composer and offer a way to make content editable in the CX portal.
The content creator can specify which elements in a presentation can be seen and edited by CX Portal users, such as a header text or a news image. In this case, the header text or news image is displayed in the web interface as an editable field.
This makes it easier for you to organize and authorize the publication of content on your screens.

Dise Lite offers the advantage of not needing external hardware players, because the contents are reproduced thanks to the technology incorporated in the monitor.
Its installation is very quick and in a few minutes the displays are ready to be viewed.
Dise Lite is suitable for those looking for an affordable solution and need to view simple content such as images, text and videos.
Dise Lite is the lightweight SoC player for basic signage content. Lite works directly on the device without the need for an external PC.
The goal here is to make simpler installations, where ease of installation and use is important. Lite is registered and connected to the Dise platform and managed through the Dise CX Portal. Just like with the Premium version, the Lite player connects to the platform and the content is downloaded locally, making sure that playback is stable in the event of a network outage problem.

The software is installed via the integrated on-screen signage platform.
Lite registration is very easy thanks to the discovery function, which allows the player and the server to find each other.
You can also use Lite to program and control the power management schedule of connected displays.
This is great for retail installations where screens need to be turned off outside opening hours.
Lite is available for select platforms, notably Samsung SSSP (3+) and LG WebOS (2.0+), Philips CMD and many more.

Quick Setup
In the absence of a PC (player), all you have to do is connect your Smart Display to the Internet, enter the Dise activation code and you will be ready to activate your communication.

Local playback
The display (monitor) requires only power and an internet connection and you are ready to start viewing your content. In case of interruption of the Internet connection, the player will continue without interruption to execute the pre-programmed schedules.

Slim, elegant and stylish design
SoC displays have a very thin thickness and are designed to fit perfectly and discreetly in your work environment, plus they can be easily placed in tight spaces.

Simple management
Content can be managed using the Cloud Dise CX and you can create advanced content using the powerful Dise CX Composer application. The management features are very simple because the cloud user interface allows remote monitoring and diagnosis from any device connected to the Internet with a web browser (PC, tablet, etc.).


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