Kiosk Hydra Booking

The online booking software for your customers

Kiosk Hydra Booking is the online booking software that respecting the value of the time of customers and service personnel, offers a new way for your business to manage entrances, appointments and service bookings.
Kiosk Hydra Booking is the online booking system that allows the user to make an appointment with an operator at a specific time, avoiding unnecessary queues and preserving social distancing, an imperative service element in this period of Covid-19.

In this way the time spent in the waiting area is reduced, work can be better organized and customer service improved.
With the Kiosk Hydra Booking software, the customer can book online and choose the place, service, date and time of the appointment based on the availability provided by the system.
The system will call the user with an appointment with priority over people without an appointment starting from the agreed appointment time.
An important element of this booking software is that it can be equipped with an interface for use by internal or external call centers: in this way, assisted booking is combined with self-service booking.

Advantages for the Company

  • Improve the service offered
  • The system allows you to manage queues and increase staff efficiency
  • Flexible and highly customizable system
  • The system easily adapts to the needs of the company and this results in low deployment and management costs.

Advantages for the user

  • The clear and easy to use interface on desktop, tablet and mobile workstations
  • Unlike other systems, it does not require to download app from stores so it does not need the last mobile, with free space and adequate performance.


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Here you will find details on the hardware components of the queuing system such as ticket dispensers, call console or keypad, progressive call display and more.


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