Improve service by reducing waits

An innovative solution able to organize and direct customer service requests to the right service counter, with queue elimination features and advanced quality and booking management tools.

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queue management system
direttorio e segnaletica digitale su totem

Facilitate reaching routes with the wayfinder

It is a digital signage software that revolutionizes the static concept of signage, proposing a digital, interactive and updated way to consult and search for information on your brand, restaurant or utility points, tracing on video the best path to achieve it.

Perfect for shopping centers and commercial places with high and medium turnout where providing timely and accurate information facilitates and improves the in-store experience.

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Facilitate orders and reservations with Kiosk Self

Supply of multimedia kiosks and interactive totems for self-service operations.
Sturdy and vandal-proof, Kiosk designs and manufactures multimedia interactive totems ideal for printing, ticketing, ordering, payment and much more. Ideal for restaurants, sporting goods and home improvement stores.

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totem for self-service payment transactions
digital signage software Dise

Capture the customer with engaging dynamic content

With Dise, the professional software for digital signage in retail, many brands ensure faithful communication of their brand throughout the network of stores, thanks to the advanced publishing and scheduling management features.
Providing the right content when making decisions is crucial for every brand.

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Inform and attract with new digital signage displays

Kiosk in partnership with the best manufacturers of digital signage displays, offers the best and most suitable displays to show promotions, incentivize a product or facilitate in-store sales.
Available in portrait or landscape formats, Kiosk supports you in the turnkey design of the best solutions within the budget and the perfect integration between the hardware and software parts that interact.

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digital signage display for in-store communication
instant survey con emoticon

How was your shopping experience with us?

Collect your customers' satisfaction data with our practical instant survey solution.
Analyze on the fly their satisfaction with the service received, or their shopping experience in your store.
Was your customer impressed and satisfied with the courtesy of your staff?
Was your salesperson able to understand their need?
Do not wait for them to go elsewhere without understanding the real reason or to spread a negative opinion about their experience.
Collect their feedback immediately with Kiosk Emoticon, and apply the appropriate corrective measures.

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With more than 20 years of experience in the supply and customization of kiosks and touch screen totems, Kiosk offers a wide range of products suitable for every project. Furthermore, Kiosk supports you with professional services designed to accelerate your return on investment.

Do not waste time. Our experts and consultants are able to support your company on any omnichannel project using touch screen technology.
Make a call for an exploratory interview and discover our success stories.

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