Improve service by reducing waits

An innovative solution able to organize and direct the service requests of citizens to the right service counter, with queue elimination functions and advanced quality and booking management tools.

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queue management system
signage and digital directory on multimedia kiosk

Facilitate reaching routes with the wayfinder

It is a digital signage software that revolutionizes the static concept of signage, proposing a digital, interactive and updated way to consult and search for information on counters, offices, service points and information points, tracing on video the best route for the its achievement.

Perfect for offices spread over several floors, or in several buildings, with high and medium turnout where providing timely and accurate information facilitates and improves the service experience.

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Facilitate autonomous operations with Kiosk Self

Supply of self-service multimedia kiosks for self-service operations.
Sturdy and vandal-proof, Kiosk designs and manufactures multimedia totems ideal for ticketing printing, certificate printing, form operations, reservations, payment and much more.
Integrated and safe workstations, easy to place and designed to facilitate operations in cases of high turnout or lack of staff.

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multimedia kiosk for self-service operations
software digital signage per la pubblicazione sui display e schermi a parete.

Inform the citizen with dynamic and easily updated content

Providing the right content at the right time and place is critical to every point of service to the public.
With the new generation of digital signage displays and DISE piloting software, you can keep waiting users informed and facilitate the processing of paperwork available at the counter. Communication to the public plays an important role in reducing the time required for carrying out practices.
Kiosk Dise and digital signage displays allow you to greatly reduce information problems by helping you to better conclude your office paperwork.
With Dise weather news, bureaucratic deadlines, warnings and emergency signals (fire, out of service, addressing) become visual elements that are easy to manage and customize.

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Manage rooms and public service points efficiently

Kiosk Targa is the software that has revolutionized the way of managing meeting rooms or service rooms for the citizen, with an orderly and easily bookable use, combined with outdoor signage for greater visual clarity.

No bulletin boards with obsolete, hard to read and outdated sheets of paper.
With Kiosk Targa you can publish all your communications on the display network: timetables, instructions, infotainment: all easily managed with back-end software for a quick content update and instant publication on the various notice boards.

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room reservation system and communication on the display outside the door
punti informativi multimediali a touchscreen

Facilitate operations with multimedia totems

Kiosk manufactures and sells a complete line of specific multimedia kiosks and totems to give each user the possibility of accessing the various services provided digitally.
These systems are frequently used in the form of public access terminals to the internet: for libraries, town halls, waiting rooms, with protection of the operating system and protected navigation.

The Kiosk multimedia totems for information to the public can be equipped with touch screens, magnetic card readers for identification or payment systems or other service peripherals.

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Satisfied with the services? How did we go?

Collect satisfaction data with our cloud instant survey solution.
Analyze on the fly the satisfaction of a service, courtesy, punctuality, competence and immediately apply corrective measures.

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instant survey using emoticons on tablet

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