Improve the welcome at the entrance

Offer a comfortable and supportive welcome to visitors.
Capture and engage your visitors with captivating video walls and clear, immersive content.
A few clicks and your content is immediately published.
Videos and institutional messages, educational content and support for the current exhibition, will make a positive contribution to the overall experience.
Discover our proposal for museum structures: from the supply of suitable displays, to installation, to content management software for video communication.

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videowall for museums
display nei musei

Inform, educate, entertain with digital displays

Providing museum visitors with a pleasant and memorable experience inevitably involves providing clear and accessible communication at the various points of the exhibition itinerary and in the shared information spaces.
Communication as a service, to offer an answer to the practical needs that may arise in the visitor (information on timetables and activities, location of services, access for the disabled, etc.).
Our offer of displays and software for museums allows you to publish any type of service, entertainment or emergency content in real time, in the form of images, videos or scrolling texts. Whether it is communicating and promoting merchandising in the bookstore, or the calendar of upcoming exhibitions, or giving useful information along the exhibition itinerary, updated and easily accessible communication plays an important role in the overall experience in the museum.

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Facilitate orientation inside the museum for visitors

Information seeking behavior teaches us that different individuals implement different research strategies because they have different information needs and goals.
With Kiosk Wayfinder, consulting maps and identifying the location of the works or service points (cafeterias, toilets) in the museum becomes easy and immediate.
An advanced IT solution that makes it possible to satisfy the plurality of exploratory behaviors thanks to the flexibility of consultation offered.
A few taps on the totem or on the touch screen display to identify the best route to take along the exhibition path and satisfy your personal exploratory need. And in complete autonomy.

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digital wayfinding system in the museum
touch screen totem for consultation in the museum

Touchscreen multimedia totem for personal consultations

Personalize the consultation experience with Kiosk stations.
A wide range of solutions, from kiosks to vertical totems of different sizes, to enrich and deepen the experience with interactive multimedia contents.

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Apps and interfaces for rich and memorable experiences

With our apps and interactive interfaces designed by our UX / UI experts you can give visitors the possibility of an even more personalized and complete consultation, thus satisfying the needs of connection and relationship between works and data, and viewing specific audio- videos that can range from details on the work to interviews and more.

The Kiosk touch screen totems, enriched with digital content and made available to the public with UX / UI user interfaces specifically designed to customize the experience, can enrich knowledge and add value to the experience.

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Art Museums Apps
menu digitale su display in caffetteria museo

Digital menus for the cafeteria and refreshment points

The cafeteria is the perfect place to take a moment of refreshment before or after your visit to the museum.
Digital technology also provides important tools for cafeterias inside the museum or in the refreshment areas where you can stop for a break.
For example, with our digital menus you will be able to make your offer in catering outlets even more dynamic and tempting.
The data confirm a strong increase in orders for the companies that have adopted our digital menu board, thanks to the possibility of creating and managing different daily menus, by time slot or day of the week.
It is therefore not just a question of display.
Or convenient digital booking tools with shift call can make the time of order pickup smarter and more appealing in a period of observation of the distancing.

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Facilitate booking of entrances

Facilitate entry shifts with our online booking platform.
Ideal for museums and art galleries, Kiosk Buk saves your visitors time, allowing them to book admission according to the permitted timetable steps, avoiding unnecessary queues and preserving social distancing.
Easy, comfortable, economical.

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museum entrance reservation system
kiosk digital concierge

Optimize resources with digital concierge

With the Kiosk Hall digital video concierge solution, visitors and museum staff are in immediate contact with the internal organization.
Perfectly integrated multimedia totem and software to offer quick responses to daily requests for information and support during the visitor journey.

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Fulfilled? How did we go?

Just make personal guesses and assumptions about visitor satisfaction: collect satisfaction data with our cloud instant survey solution.
Our tablets with emoticon system can be placed on the wall, on a counter or on a stand and can be distributed at strategic points, both along the museum itinerary, and at the exit at the end of the guided tour, or perhaps at the service points.
And in real time you analyze the visitor's satisfaction, and immediately apply the corrective measures.
Don't wait for them to complain or spread a negative opinion about their experience. Collect their feedback now with Kiosk Emoticon

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satisfaction detection system via emoticons

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