Increase efficiency, reduce queues

Kiosk Hydra is the perfect solution for managing service priorities in the branch and managing reservations.
An innovative solution able to organize customer service requests and direct them to the right counters, with the possibility of managing service queues, priorities and customer reservations.
Reports and advanced statistics tools allow the ex post evaluation of the service and analysis with a view to optimization and improvement.

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gestione code per banche
bank trasparency totem

Consultation, printing and management of Banking Transparency

The Kiosk Banking Transparency system, based on the company intranet, allows the cataloging of the various regulations according to multiple levels of hierarchical nesting, centralized archiving and dissemination of the information present in the system to all branches in the area.
Can be combined with the Kiosk Self bank kiosk or the Kiosk One model.

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The video bank counter for a widespread service

Through Kiosk Live Bank the customer can interact in all respects with a real bank operator with the peculiarity that the interview takes place remotely through an integrated self-service video call solution.
Strong cost reduction and maximization of outsourced skills thanks to the new virtual branches.
No more waiting lines or wasted time looking for an official.

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bank videodesk
displays and digital signage screens

Increase your sales with new digital signage display models

Kiosk in partnership with the best digital signage display manufacturers, offers the newest and best displays to show promotions, incentivize a product and facilitate branch sales.

Available in portrait or landscape formats, Kiosk supports you in the turnkey design of the best solutions within the budget and the perfect integration between the hardware and software parts that interact.

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Distribute the communication with a few clicks

Kiosk, as a leading company in digital signage systems, distributes DISE, the perfect software for communication in banking vials.

With Dise it is possible to carry out a complete and centralized control of your communication in the branch, from the creation to the scheduling and distribution of dynamic information in each branch and for each type of display or totem, all managed from a single central control point.

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digital signage software for banks
sistemi audio video per workspace

Agile and productive meetings thanks to the collaborative workspace

Facilitate collaboration between team members using advanced content mirroring systems on various devices, managing meeting and video conferencing displays. A high-performance audio and video range for smooth and productive meetings.

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Simplify meeting room management and booking

Optimize meeting spaces and save your employees' booking time with digital signage made up of outdoor displays: facilitate room booking, and optimize available resources.
Kiosk Targa is a solution that perfectly integrates hardware and software to respond in a smart way to the needs of dynamism and flexibility of coworking spaces.

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meeting room booking system
self-service multimedia kiosk

Take advantage of the benefits of self-service kiosks

Kiosk produces multimedia kiosks specially designed to allow customers self-service operations, equipped with various peripherals and with safe vandal-proof protection.
With Kiosk Self you can allow your customers to carry out practically any type of operation: consult, print, confirm, know, pay, authenticate, speak in video call. Specifically, it is possible to arrange transfers and make payments, pay the F24 or bills, consult and print information sheets, access online services, carry out operations with enabled magnetic cards, make a video call with an expert operator.

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Fulfilled? How did we go?

Collect your customers' satisfaction data with our handy cloud instant survey solution.
Analyze on the fly the satisfaction of an over-the-counter service or advice and immediately apply corrective measures.

A really convenient solution with great advantages, thanks to the instant notification panel and statistics for analysis.
Don't wait for them to complain or look elsewhere. Get to know them thoroughly with Kiosk Emoticon. See more ›

instant survey with emoticon

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