Kiosk Hydra Bank

The software for managing queues, waits and counter activities for bank, financial institutions and insurance companies.

Kiosk Hydra Bank is the system that reduces queue problems, reduces customer waiting times and manages them effectively. This system has been designed to allow the management of multiservice, multidesks and multisite queues, carrying out the task of addressing and sorting users directly to the counter in charge of the requested service. Thanks to digital technology, this queue management system offers levels of flexibility and efficiency superior to traditional static pushbutton panel systems.

Advantages for the bank

Provide information always updated

Wall screens and totems represent to all intents and purposes digital bulletin boards where you can easily and quickly publish news, announcements, press releases and anything else of public utility in addition to service numbers.

Benefit from a stable and robust system

The system was installed and then tested on important national realities, proving to be stable and robust.

Flexibility and customization

The system easily adapts to the needs of the Institute and this determines low costs of customization, deployment and management.

Govern in a centralized way

The system allows the system administrator to manage the entire system from a single console and therefore to view all workstations quickly and easily.

Advantages for the user

Receive better service

The totem with which to select the service and request the printing of the ticket, also provides clear and detailed information to support the user in the initial phase of addressing the service.

Reduce the possibility of error

More precise information, ensured by the totem, facilitates the choice of the requested service, reducing the possibility of error and incorrect queues.

Reduce the sense of discomfort

Thanks to the "digital queue elimination totem", the user can be informed in advance of information that is useful to him for the provision of the service.

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