What is Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a technology that, based on network connectivity, allows the transmission of video content, graphics and textual information for viewing on large and medium format digital displays and on indoor and outdoor multimedia totems.

Thanks to digital, the content can be quickly updated, tested and changed and this makes these systems practically ideal for communication in retail, advertising, trade fairs, hotels, transport, public places.

The easy distribution of advertising or marketing campaigns, the reduction of costs and the higher impact obtainable are some of the reasons that have attracted the attention of this type of media.
Its effectiveness is closely linked to the ability to communicate to the right target, in the moment and in the right place . Offering consumers a pleasant shopping experience today means not only knowing their needs, but mapping and intervening correctly in the various contact points available along the customer journey.

This is why digital signage has taken on an important role in proximity marketing, customer experience and engagement strategies.

How digital signage works

A Digital Signage system is made up of hardware parts (display and totem), player, server, infrastructure, but also of software.
It is not about putting content with a USB stick in a display or even worse in a TV. Indeed.
It is a question of considering the system as a live point of information and entertainment, always functioning, where the speed of dissemination of content on multiple displays and the ease of updating are the basis of the communication strategy.
And for this to happen, a network must exist between the different devices and specific hardware - as a player - if you want to have greater operational and content efficiency.

It should not be overlooked that the software normally used allows the creation of schedules, or sequences of well-designed content sequenced over time, which follow each other in a fluid and captivating way. In this way it is possible to create specific contents for different target audiences that will be shown on the various displays and totems at the scheduled times and in the defined locations.
To date, there are so many construction and configuration possibilities. The demand for flexibility is equally remarkable. It is estimated that from 2020 there will be greater standardization of content management systems.
In any case, the creation, editing and distribution of contents is entrusted to the software in combination with the players driving the displays and the totem.

The evolution of technology has made it easier to reach displays and with it the monitoring of operation. But today the new sensors, the use of Artificial Intelligence and the spread of the IoT have made these communication systems even more performing, with sometimes even limited investments if we consider a high return on investment.
However, one cannot ignore the fact that specialized skills are essential for correct implementation.

For example, videowall walls or multimedia totems used for digital advertising or proximity marketing require specific hardware players to ensure those operating characteristics that the content requires. In other cases, they are not necessary at all.

progetti digital signage
progetti digital signage

Why Kiosk?

Kiosk has been dealing with digital signage since 1997. We offer various solutions for digital signage projects. Specific, integrated, reliable, turnkey solutions.
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