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Interactive totems for Customer Engagement at the point of sale
Wednesday, 27 April 2022
customer engagement with interactive totems

The points of sale continue to be the most effective tools for showing, promoting and explaining the product and the brand to the consumer. For this reason, communication within them remains fundamental and must be intriguing and appealing.

The new interactive promotional islands made up of interactive touchscreen totems allow engaging communication, targeted on the buyer, capable of generating superior attention that intrigues and triggers curiosity and the desire to learn more.

Current customer engagement strategies in the store ensure a strong impact, bringing customers and buyers passing through the brand closer and stimulating the propensity to buy.



Why does customer engagement with interactive totems work?


  1. because they have a higher attractive power than classic roll-up corners
  2. because they allow a more explanatory communication, made up of images and videos suitably studied to involve, inspire, convert
  3. because they help a potential promoter in his action to bring the brand closer to a new customer, facilitate the purchase or the couponing and lead acquisition activities




Some examples of customer engagement through interactive totems

totem interattivo
The Myfamily case.

With a small investment, a traveling brand awareness project was created throughout Italy, to bring one’s message and value proposition in direct contact with potential customers.

The project, which lasted 3 months, made the Myfamily company, specialized in medals, collars and harnesses for pets, the protagonist of communication in the affiliated stores.

All thanks to a series of interactive totems, Kiosk Classic model, light and easy to manage.







The Galbani case

totem interattivoA series of interactive totems customized specifically for the Galbani brand, with the aim of promoting the product and the brand through an interactive game in shopping centers with the withdrawal of the discount coupon.
The Kiosk One totem with a wide viewing angle display has been equipped for this type of interactive corner, proving to be a safe and easy choice for every type of user, as well as being easy and stable to place in the various visibility points used.


But these are some of the examples of customer engagement that you can find in our gallery of completed projects.




Conclusions and advice

Nowadays it is certainly a challenge to propose and attract consumers with something continuously different, intriguing, meaningful. Being able to arouse emotions and experiences that are always new and possibly differentiating and enhancing the brand, is certainly not trivial.
However, by appropriately using the integration between physical and digital channels, without neglecting the human component, it is possible to create meaningful and memorable moments, capable of encouraging purchases or generating word of mouth.
Here we would like to suggest these tips, among the many and valid ones possible:

  1. Pay close attention to the creation of the content. Homemade may be fine in some cases, but bad for others.
  2. Do not neglect the peculiarities of the point of sale. The solution must be intelligent, not precarious.
  3. Logistics and professional services can make a difference when it comes to traveling events
  4. Choose a partner specialized in terms of content and devices, to avoid defects in terms of integration and user experience.
  5. The user interface integration and the interactive totem must be well designed for a heterogeneous audience
  6. Provide the interactive totem with adequate operating monitoring software





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Would you like to know more?

Do you need an interactive corner with multimedia totem and user friendly, reliable and professional interface for your customer engagement campaigns?

Talk to our account.


Would you like to know more?

Do you need an interactive corner with multimedia totem and user friendly, reliable and professional interface for your customer engagement campaigns?

Talk to our account.