The satisfaction questionnaire to measure customer satisfaction

23 February 2023
questionario di gradimento della soddisfazione del cliente

One of the most used tools when you want to measure the satisfaction of a customer or customer satisfaction is the satisfaction questionnaire . Through a satisfaction questionnaire it is possible to understand how satisfied a customer is with a product, service or experience .
In summary, we could also say that the satisfaction questionnaire is the tool with which to measure the perception that a customer has of a brand.


But is it really that important to know the rating?

Collecting feedback from customers allows us to understand what drives their satisfaction and if there are any aspects we need to improve to avoid losing them. The satisfaction questionnaire, or customer satisfaction survey, therefore represents a strategic tool of vital importance, because it provides essential analytical data for understanding what to improve within one’s business and what actions to take.

Analyzing customer satisfaction is a crucial element for business growth and its importance is vital if we consider that 96% of dissatisfied customers don’t complain , so they leave no warning to the company about its future behavior.
Better understanding the real levels of satisfaction of your customers and implementing targeted corrective actions allows you to retain customers and direct your business in a direction of growth.


How to do a satisfaction questionnaire?

A service satisfaction questionnaire must have precise characteristics to ensure that the text is understandable to all and that the response rate is high. Immediacy and brevity are the masters, for a very simple reason: people do not like answering questionnaires, but at the same time they like to quickly express both their satisfaction when they are alive or their disappointment as soon as something does not satisfy them as it would be. expected.

People like to make their voices heard, they want to feel special when they receive a service, advice or buy a product. And if something goes wrong, the best way to collect information is to study the situation well and place the right question in the collection touch point.

For this reason, many companies use the emoticon solution we have studied. Because easy to create, to customize, to distribute.
With the Kiosk Emoticon platform it is possible to carry out this type of survey and measure CSAT and NPS. Using Kiosk Emoticon you can do instant customer satisfaction surveys and collect feedback on their experiences or interactions with your company.

The changes in business today are such that they no longer leave room for interpretation and require timely interventions by every company. You need to ask the right questions, in the right place and at the right time. And here comes the rest of the measurement process: defining where to collect approval or how to distribute the survey considering the customer journey .


How to distribute a satisfaction questionnaire?

Once the perfect satisfaction questionnaire has been created, it is necessary to choose the right channel to distribute it to one’s customers, visitors or guests.
The choice obviously depends a lot on the type of activity. For example, at the end of an event or upon leaving an exhibition, a stable column touch display is perfect for anonymously collecting the degree of satisfaction received from the visitor.

In many restaurants, at the exit, after having paid, the collection system is set up: here too, either by means of a tablet on the counter or by displaying a qrcode , with addressing to the collection platform, or printed on the receipt. But there is no shortage of cases of comparison such as dental offices, gyms, wellness centers.
In the hotel it is common practice to find it near the internal restaurant, or at the exit of the internal Spa, or in the garage area.
The possibilities of placement and distribution are really many, also because the detection needs can be many and changing.


create a satisfaction questionnaire


In some cases, the collection of the survey is carried out by email at the end of the transaction or service received; in other cases through newsletters, and in others integrated and enabled on the pages of your website .
In any case, the use of digital, with integrated analysis functions, is not comparable to the old paper systems.

With a platform like Kiosk Emoticon, surveys can be created and modified on the fly: immediately ready and active to collect data and allow analysis on the various touch points of the customer journey.


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Support the growth of your business.

Find out how Kiosk Emoticon allows you to measure the customer satisfaction of your customers easily and in real time and thus support the growth of your business.
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