The virtual assistant for the omnichannel bank

01 October 2019
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Offering an omnichannel customer experience in the bank has become a must. On the other hand, the banking market has changed dramatically and requires important reorganization processes both to reduce the cost to serve and optimize human resources, and to always maintain a high level of customer experience in the bank.
However, despite the rise in digital sales and service channels, research shows that customers still need real contact people and continue to lose customers. The human factor is still important.

The customer today is highly digital, multi-channel, but at the same time does not want to give up the human relationship when the situation requires it.



Some interesting data on customer service

A recent Accenture survey shows the impact of the human factor in customer service and the importance of integrating physical and digital channels.


83% of US consumers prefer to deal with people over digital channels to solve customer service problems.

52% of customers switched suppliers in the last year due to poor customer service
The worst results as a customer service were obtained by: banks, retailers, telephone service providers

77% of consumers prefer to deal with people to get suggestions

81% of consumers admit that it is extremely frustrating to deal with a company that doesn’t make it easy to do business with them.

US $ 1.6 billion: the estimated cost of consumers switching for service shortages in the US

68% do not return to their old service provider or provider



Which direction to take?

Improving the customer experience at the bank means reconsidering investments in digital services and technologies to provide a true and uninterrupted customer experience. This involves adopting an omnichannel strategy , capable of providing a consistent customer experience across all channels and throughout the sales cycle (from pre-sales to after-sales). In practice, quality services independent of the channel chosen by the customer.

In fact, if on the one hand the digital revolution has enabled the offer of innovative banking services, on the other hand it has inspired a profound change in consumer purchasing habits and behavior. Young people in particular, who are growing up in the era of smartphones and tablets, are less and less faithful and at the same time increasingly demanding.

Today, consumers expect a relationship at any time and easily established, instant information accessible anytime, anywhere. This is the true connected experience.
The solution to offer this omnichannel customer experience is represented by
Kiosk Live Bank , the digital and interactive video banking assistant system, which allows to reduce the cost to serve, maintaining the service and maintaining the presence of the territory.



Kiosk Live Bank

A unique and innovative solution at the same time. A real bank branch that offers customers a new way of interacting face-to-face with their consultant. A system that allows the Bank to strongly reduce management costs without neglecting the opportunities for the sale of products or services or even less the care and attention towards the customer.

Through Kiosk Live Bank the customer can interact in all respects with a real bank operator with the peculiarity that the audio video interview is in real time and allows the exchange of documentation.


Do you know Kiosk Live Bank?

Find out how it can help you effectively implement your omnichannel strategy.