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Tuesday, 25 October 2022
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In recent years we have witnessed an increase in advertising investments in the so-called DOOH – Digital Out Of Home, dynamic advertising transmitted through external advertising totems and large-format LED displays. A strategy that, in order to produce results, requires that messages, contents and information be provided in a clear and visible way, regardless of the surrounding environment and weather conditions. And that they arrive at the right target at the right time.

These conditions in turn require that the means of distribution and dissemination, that is digital advertising totems, are obviously solid and reliable, able to function in any climatic condition: summer, winter, at the seaside or in the mountains. Non-trivial technical requirement: if we look carefully around, there are many cases in which the displays are not readable, not connected, or dark because they are turned off due to excessive overheating.

The goal of communicating, informing and advertising in real time is still achievable if you start with a reasonable investment.
The quality of the components and manufacturing of these advertising totems is a fundamental requirement, too often neglected in the name of the creative message and the special price; however, the quality of the product itself affects the duration of the investment and therefore the final ROI.



Why use outdoor advertising totems?

The use of outdoor advertising totems is part of a market sector that takes the name of digital signage.
Digital signage has evolved into an extremely efficient and engaging means of delivering multimedia content. Business owners, marketers, brand managers and advertising agencies have now verified the real advantages of informing, promoting and entertaining specifically targeted consumers.

Even if with a little delay compared to other European countries, even in Italy it is now possible to see this change of course.
Traditional, static and labor-intensive advertising signs, substantially represented by posters and billboards, are increasingly being replaced by flat screens and digital content on digital advertising totems of different sizes or by LED walls, usually networked, controlled in remote, often over the Internet, from any imaginable global location.

Thanks to modern advertising totems it is possible for example:

  • completely eliminate printing costs
  • eliminate the costs of distributing posters
  • show different messages, different campaigns, on the same advertising totem, in rotation, programmed for times of the day or other
  • benefit from a rapidity of diffusion practically in real-time
  • manage multiple campaigns, thanks to the advanced programming and scheduling features provided by digital signage software
  • ensure national or local coverage and proximity
  • clustering the distribution by criteria, including geographical ones
  • monitor the distribution and measure the effectiveness of the message thanks to data collection
  • benefit from video as a type of message, more impactful than the static message
  • ensure greater attractiveness to the message, thanks to the size and brightness typical of outdoor displays
  • ensure vandal-proof strength and greater guarantee of operation compared to similar external displays


The list of reasons for use is certainly even longer and such as to justify massive investments by OOH agencies and players in cities and places with high public turnout.
Thanks to the new solutions for digital advertising outdoors, today brands can get in touch with their target audience, with the right content at the right time, with captivating messages that strike and capture the attention of passing consumers, directing their flow. in store. An industry report highlights how they are able to stimulate attention and action more than any other direct marketing tool.



How does DOOH work on outdoor advertising totems?

Outdoor digital advertising (DOOH) is based on digital signage technologies, i.e. digital totems or LED displays, of variable size according to the objective and the possibility offered by the location.
With dynamic DOOH advertising, each screen becomes customizable, accountable and attributable, according to a strategy known as “3A”: Addressability, Accountability, Attribution.

  • Addressability , or the ability to activate advertising campaigns aimed at specific consumers
  • Accountability , or reporting, the measure of the effectiveness of advertising.
  • Attribution , or attribution, the power to measure real business results based on advertising.


The outdoor digital advertising industry can provide more data on demographics, audience engagement, and offline to online attribution.
This makes DOOH advertising extremely incisive, intelligent and targeted, becoming a fundamental component of the multichannel strategy of any advertiser brand.

Recent estimates predict that the global outdoor digital advertising market will reach $ 31.7 billion annually by 2025. There is therefore a huge opportunity for media networks and their advertisers to make a difference by leveraging the latest signage technologies. digital.

In a recent report by the  Global Market Insight  it is estimated that by 2025, investments in the Digital Out Of Home will exceed those of traditional advertising; and not just by classic investors. For example, the well-known streaming channel Netflix, in order to capture an offline target, last year invested 150 million dollars for the installation of 32 digital “billboards” in the city of Los Angeles.
The report also highlights that the use of Digital Signage exploits the natural propensity of people’s attention to be attracted by moving images or videos: a recent British research shows that DOOH ads are twice as likely to be seen , and are 2.5 times more punchycompared to traditional outdoor advertising.


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DOOH programmatic advertising

When it comes to selling their ad space, programmatic networks can take advantage of another benefit that outdoor digital advertising offers – support for programmatic platforms.

Thanks to the digital signage technology present in outdoor advertising totems, the contents can be managed through software, making management and adaptation to customer data much easier. This makes programmatic advertising possible, meaning an advertiser can directly access a network’s inventory and book passes based on the demographics of the audience she prefers. This way, advertisers can only reach the audience they’re really looking for.



Marketing analysis thanks to outdoor advertising totems

A noteworthy note is certainly the presence of new analytics features. By equipping the outdoor advertising totems with suitable sensors, it is possible to determine how many people passed in front of the display, how many saw the message, and how much time they spent looking at it. It follows the possibility of collecting audience data and consequently evaluating the effectiveness of the advertising communication transmitted, without profiling or tracking users, in compliance with privacy.

In fact, it is important to keep in mind that from the information collected (albeit with a certain degree of approximation) it is possible to infer characteristics of the consumer or passerby such as gender, age range, distance from the screen, but also to underline that the presence of a face is detected. through algorithms of mere ” face detection ” and not of ” face recognition “, for which the system does not identify the face of the individual through biometric data but detects the presence of a human face.

Furthermore, no personal data is permanently stored in the system since the deletion of the images of the interested parties is almost immediate.



Parameters in the choice of outdoor advertising totems

Among the elements that better characterize some products on the market than others there are certainly the vandal-proof characteristics of the structures and displays, the high brightness of the displays, the internal hardware controllers for the operation of all peripherals (PC, sensors, etc.), the degrees protection for water and dust, and more.

Continuous research today allows us to innovate products and satisfy even the most demanding requests.
For example, all our outdoor totems meet anti-vandal safety requirements and high levels of operation, with IP55, IP56, IP65 and IK10 rating.
Obviously, the choice of the product must also take into account the place where it is placed, that is, whether in completely open or semi-open places.

For example, Kiosk supplies the Kiosk Lite model (from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C, class IP55) for semi-outdoor use, while for increasingly extreme uses we go to the Kiosk Flow model (from -25 ° C to + 40 °, class IP56) to the Kiosk G7 model, the top of outdoor advertising totems, capable of operating from -40 ° C to + 55 ° and with IP66 class.




Optimize the results of your campaigns

Advertisers and brands today, thanks to digital totems, can create dynamic experiences and make the most of these resources by analyzing the data collected.
Thanks to Kiosk outdoor advertising totems, without profiling or tracking users, it is possible to draw on the data collected at any time of the day and carry out corrective actions on the campaign.
In this way, brands and advertisers can finally interact more effectively with their audience.


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Would you like to know more?

Kiosk is able to support your company in a digital advertising project on the DOOH network.

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