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20 December 2023
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In the modern era of business, efficiency is the key to successful business management. In this context, characterized by an accelerated digital transformation of companies, it becomes crucial not only to embrace new technologies, but to do so in a strategic way.
Visitor registration is a tangible example of how digital transformation can radically improve traditional processes.

Visitor registration, like a company’s business card, is often overlooked but fundamental in shaping the first impression and defining the overall atmosphere. It’s more than just a bureaucratic process; it is a key element for creating an environment that reflects safety, hospitality and efficiency.

Imagine this: Every visitor who walks through the front desk is greeted by a modern and intuitive registration system. Not only is the process quick and efficient, but it is also extremely enjoyable.
A user-friendly interface, designed to make the visitor experience as seamless as possible, also contributes to creating a welcoming and positive atmosphere.

When visitors perceive that the company invests in the adoption of modern and cutting-edge solutions, their perception changes.
Recording becomes an enjoyable time rather than a tedious task. This not only improves visitor satisfaction, but also affects the overall perception of the company brand.

Let’s think about the ripple effect: a fast and pleasant registration process creates a positive impression that extends to how the visitor will perceive the rest of the company environment. It is a tangible sign of commitment to quality and efficiency, reflecting on the dedication to hospitality and safety.

In this context, we will talk about Kiosk Varco, the innovative solution that revolutionizes the way in which a company welcomes its visitors and suppliers, also analyzing its ability to overcome obstacles and problems inherent in traditional paper registers.


Limits and problems of traditional paper registers

Businesses still using paper-based visitor registration tools often face a variety of issues and inefficiencies that can compromise security, operational efficiency and data management.

Here are some realistic examples that will surely be familiar to you:

  1. Poor data privacy
    Problem: Paper records can be easily accessible to anyone in the front desk, compromising the confidentiality of visitor information.
    Example: An employee or unwanted visitor could browse paper records and gain access to sensitive information.
  2. Risk of loss or damage
    Problem: Paper records are susceptible to loss, damage, or deterioration over time.
    Example: In the event of an emergency such as a fire, paper records could be irreparably damaged, resulting in the loss of important information.
  3. Inefficiency in data management
    Problem: Manually managing paper data is often laborious and susceptible to human error.
    Example: A transcription error in paper records could lead to inaccurate or incomplete information, compromising the accuracy of the data.
  4. Difficulties in managing emergencies
    Problem: In emergency situations, quickly finding the information you need in paper records can be difficult.
    Example: In the event of an evacuation, staff may have difficulty quickly retrieving the list of visitors present, delaying emergency procedures.
  5. Lack of data analysis and historicity
    Problem: Paper records make long-term data analysis and historical reporting difficult.
    Example: Without analytics, your company may miss opportunities to identify frequency trends, improve safety, and optimize operations.
  6. Complexity in access control
    Problem: Controlling access to restricted areas can be difficult with paper logs.
    Example: Without an automated system, staff may struggle to ensure that only authorized visitors access certain sensitive areas.
  7. Absence of behavioral analysis
    Problem : Tracking a visitor’s frequency of entry and tracking who they spoke to becomes nearly impossible with paper records.
    Example: Without a system for tracking entry and exit data, it is impossible to know how many times a visitor has visited the company and how long they spent with a specific contact person.

The adoption of digital solutions such as Kiosk Varco helps to overcome these problems, improving security, efficiency and overall management of visitor registration.


registration of visitors entering the company

Advantages of a digital visitor register

Better welcoming experience

In addition to being an essential business security practice, visitor registration plays a critical role in creating a positive first impression. Kiosk Varco not only simplifies this process, but elevates it to a new level, offering a welcoming and technologically advanced experience in many ways.


Simplified registration process

Before the digital age, recording visitors to your business was often synonymous with paper logs and pens. A newly arrived guest was greeted by a member of staff and asked to manually fill out a paper form with basic information such as name, reason for visit and time of arrival. A practice that, although common, presented challenges related to confidentiality, convenience and long-term information management.

Today, with the advent of tabletop touchscreen technology, the visitor registration process has been radically transformed. The guest is welcomed by a modern touchscreen totem strategically located at the reception. Instead of dealing with paper forms, the visitor can use an intuitive touchscreen interface to enter the required information quickly and efficiently.


Reduction of errors

Touchscreen devices simplify the registration process by offering a number of benefits. In addition to eliminating the need for paper forms, they reduce human errors, improve data security and provide a more modern and engaging user experience. Visitors can easily enter the required information, obtain an electronic badge or receipt, and access authorized areas in a controlled manner.

In this way, digital transformation has not only modernized but also optimized the way companies manage visitor arrivals. By moving from paper registers to the ease and efficiency of countertop touchscreens, we are witnessing a shift that not only improves the visitor experience, but also helps make registration a safer, faster and more cutting-edge process.


Security and Privacy first

We all know very well how important the security and privacy of company data is.
Digital registration systems focus on the security and privacy of visitor information. Here’s how these systems ensure a safe and secure environment:

  1. Controlled Access: Digital systems implement strict access controls, ensuring that only authorized personnel have the ability to access visitor information. This significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access and preserves data confidentiality.
  2. Advanced Encryption: All visitor information stored in digital systems is protected by advanced encryption protocols. This means that even in the event of unauthorized access, the data remains inaccessible and unreadable without the appropriate decryption keys.
  3. Secure Cloud Storage: Many digital systems, including Kiosk Varco, use cloud computing to store information. This practice not only allows instant access from any location, but also offers a highly secure environment, with protected servers and advanced security protocols.
  4. Constant Monitoring: Digital systems include constant monitoring capabilities to spot suspicious activity or unauthorized access attempts. This continuous vigilance helps prevent security threats in real time.
  5. Secure Data Deletion: Visitor data management includes secure deletion procedures to ensure information is permanently removed when it is no longer needed. This aspect is particularly important to comply with privacy regulations and avoid unauthorized storage of personal data.
  6. Regulatory compliance: Digital recording systems are designed to comply with privacy regulations and current legislation. This includes adhering to regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other local regulations governing the handling of personal data.
  7. Awareness and Training: Security is often enhanced through staff training programs, which include best practices for securely handling visitor information. An aware staff is a crucial element for the overall security of the system.


Cutting-edge technology

Kiosk Varco’s technology is cutting-edge, designed to simplify the registration process. With an intuitive user interface accessible via totem or touch display, Kiosk Varco offers a visitor registration experience that lives up to expectations.

Let’s see how each aspect mentioned contributes to creating an advanced and efficient system:

  1. Fast Registration: Cutting-edge technology allows for extremely fast and hassle-free visitor registration. Through the use of intuitive interfaces, such as touchscreens or apps, visitors can enter the necessary information efficiently, reducing wait times and improving the overall experience.
  2. Self-service operation: Advanced systems allow visitors to manage the registration process independently, thanks to interactive totems and touchscreens. This self-service approach not only speeds up the process, but also offers a more modern and interactive experience for guests.
  3. Correcting and printing data: In case of errors or need for corrections, visitors can easily make changes via the system interface. The technology allows for quick and efficient management of corrections and the immediate printing of new badges or corrected documents.
  4. Removing data from the database: Advanced data management includes secure procedures for removing data from the database when it is no longer needed. This practice is essential to ensure compliance with privacy regulations and respect for data security.
  5. Efficient Emergency Management: State-of-the-art systems are designed to deal with emergency situations efficiently. For example, they can quickly provide critical information on visitor location, allowing staff to respond promptly and ensure overall safety.
  6. Advanced data management: Advanced technology enables sophisticated data management, including categorization, organization and storage in a structured manner. This simplifies access to the necessary information and supports more effective management of the visit flow.
  7. Historicity and data analysis: Digital recording allows you to maintain a complete history of visits and visitor data over time. This data can be analyzed to identify trends, improve security and optimize business operations over the long term.


Adaptable to any business reality

enterprise-scale visitorKiosk Varco is the solution suitable for both the company that operates in a single location and for those with a presence in multiple locations. Its flexibility allows for seamless management of visitor registration, regardless of the size or complexity of your organization.

Versatility and adaptability translate into:

  1. Scalability: Kiosk Varco is designed to be easily scalable, meaning it can adapt to the size and needs of businesses of different scales. Whether you run a small business or a company with many locations, Kiosk Varco can be implemented flexibly.
  2. Custom configurability: The solution is highly configurable based on the specific needs of each company. It can be adapted to collect the necessary information, implement specific security controls and comply with company policies.
  3. Wide range of industries: Kiosk Varco successfully adapts to a wide range of industries, including corporate, industrial, healthcare, education and many more. Its flexibility allows it to easily integrate with the different operations and requirements of each industry.
  4. Multi-location management: The solution is perfectly suited for companies with multiple locations. Its ability to centrally manage visitor registration allows for efficient control across all locations, improving business consistency and security.
  5. User-friendly interface: Kiosk Varco’s ease of use makes the solution accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of familiarity with the technology. This makes it suitable both for companies with technologically competent staff and for those that need an intuitive and user-friendly system.
  6. Low cost and economic flexibility: Kiosk Varco offers efficient visitor registration at an affordable cost, making it an economical choice for businesses of different sizes. Its economic flexibility allows companies to benefit from an advanced solution without having to incur excessive costs.




In conclusion, if you are looking to optimize the visitor registration process in your company, Kiosk Varco is the complete solution you have been looking for.
Integrate this innovative technology into your reception and transform welcoming visitors into a positive experience, while ensuring a safe, welcoming and efficient business environment.
Invest in Kiosk Varco today to redefine the way your business manages visitors and create a positive impact from the first contact.



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Transform the reception of your company with Kiosk Varco

If you are looking to simplify visitor registration in your company, with an advanced, user-friendly and secure cloud system, set up a call and discover Kiosk Varco.
Kiosk Varco is the innovative visitor register that offers you flexible, GDPR compliant and efficient management for your business security.

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Kiosk consultant
Transform the reception of your company with Kiosk Varco

If you are looking to simplify visitor registration in your company, with an advanced, user-friendly and secure cloud system, set up a call and discover Kiosk Varco.
Kiosk Varco is the innovative visitor register that offers you flexible, GDPR compliant and efficient management for your business security.

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