The management of meeting rooms in modern workspaces

16 May 2023
gestione sale riunioni

In recent years, the management and booking of meeting rooms has taken on a leading role in the design of modern workspaces.
Thanks to the increasing possibility of integration and interoperability between different systems, today we are witnessing new ways of communicating, sharing and interacting.



New spaces and collaboration systems for a new way of working

The nature of the office has thus become hybrid, the environments increasingly informal. The workspaces have been enriched with a multiplicity of functionalities to satisfy the needs of brainstorming and sharing and developing new ideas.
In this scenario, the role of the system integrator has also become fundamental. He is responsible for finding a balance between the customer’s needs (ie being able to easily organize their meeting rooms) and the emerging technologies available.

Fittings and furnishings reward characteristics of flexibility and configurability. Similarly, new technologies offer increasingly intuitive, immediate and effective systems, devices and interfaces.
In this context, meeting spaces and open space operational areas have lost their past formal connotation and have been transformed into places for sharing and collaboration to support the activities carried out at the desk.
Meetings for urgent briefings, kick off meetings and strategic alignments require two fundamental things: the facilitated search for meeting spaces and meeting rooms available and suitable for the purpose.



Kiosk Targa – the room booking solution

Kiosk Targa, the booking and management software for meeting spaces in modern workspaces , fulfills this need in an excellent way, simplifying what was previously a more expensive and inconvenient operation of finding a free space.
Kiosk Targa improves the booking experience by always allowing you to find a free room or space for your sudden meetings.


Gestione e prenotazione delle sale riunioni


The convenient meeting room booking calendar is accessible from any device thanks to its web interface. The experience is enriched by the constantly updated digital out door systems, with visual information on the next meeting or on the possible availability of the room.

We talk more about it on the site dedicated to Kiosk Targa