The secret to a wow effect in reception: the video wall

05 June 2024
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In an increasingly competitive business world, welcoming visitors, effective communication and brand enhancement are essential.

The use of video walls in the company represents an advanced strategy to strengthen your brand through powerful and engaging visual communication. Video walls, thanks to their ability to display dynamic and high-impact content, not only capture the attention of visitors but also convey the company’s values, mission and innovations in a clear and memorable way.

These technological tools transform every touchpoint with visitors into an opportunity to communicate the brand identity.

Through high-resolution images, compelling videos and relevant company information, reception video walls create an immersive experience that reinforces positive brand perception and demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence.


Wow effect and high impact content

The video wall is a strategic choice for those who want to create an immediate “wow effect”. Imagine walking into a reception area where a vast digital wall welcomes you with breathtaking images, exciting videos and dynamic content.

This not only elevates brand perception, but also communicates a clear message: this is a company that invests in innovation and quality of hospitality.


Ability to entertain and inform

In addition to visually stunning, a well-designed video wall has the ability to entertain and inform visitors. It can be used to broadcast company news, upcoming events, recent successes and much more. This approach not only entertains but also educates visitors about the brand, its values ​​and goals, creating a stronger and more lasting bond.

The video wall thus becomes a fundamental point of contact in the branding strategy, capable of conveying key messages and strengthening the corporate image.


Technical details and useful tips

When it comes to installing a video wall, there are some important technical aspects to consider:

1. Resolution and Image Qualitystrong,
Choosing high-resolution screens is essential to ensure sharp, detailed images. A 4K resolution is often ideal for large surfaces.

2. Luminosità e Contrastostrong,
Assicuratevi che i display abbiano un’elevata luminosità e un buon contrasto per essere visibili in ambienti con molta luce naturale. Opt for screens with at least 500 nits of brightness.

3. Content Integrationstrong,
Use a professional digital signage software, suitable for fine content management, in addition to the necessary updating and easy programming of information. Dise, for example, offers advanced features to create dynamic and personalized content.

4. Connectivity and Controlstrong,
Make sure your video wall system supports various types of video inputs and network connections for centralized management. Remote control capabilities can facilitate maintenance and upgrades.

5. Assembly and Maintenancestrong,
Prefer assembly solutions that facilitate the maintenance of individual screens without having to dismantle the entire video wall. Modular supports can be very useful in this regard.


Choosing the right partner

To get the most out of your video wall, choosing the right partner is essential. It’s not just about high-quality hardware, but also about software that can manage and optimize content. Digital signage software like Dise is ideal for creating breathtaking reception areas.

Dise offers a versatile and intuitive platform that allows you to design and manage dynamic content with ease, ensuring that your message is always fresh and engaging.


An investment in brand enhancement

Investing in a video wall is not just a matter of aesthetics, but a strategy to enhance the brand and improve the welcome of your guests. A company that innovates and invests in advanced solutions demonstrates a clear attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, characteristics that do not go unnoticed by visitors.

Every touchpoint with visitors becomes an opportunity to communicate the corporate identity and strengthen the perception of the brand.


A Case of Excellence: Salesforce Video Wall in San Francisco

An example of an extraordinary video wall implementation is the one installed at the Salesforce headquarters in San Francisco.
This installation not only embodies the “wow” effect but also demonstrates how thoughtful design and technologically advanced implementation can transform corporate hospitality.

Wow effect: a monumental entrance

The Salesforce video wall welcomes visitors with a vast digital surface that wraps around the reception area. Ultra-high resolution images and dynamic videos create an immersive environment that will amaze anyone who enters the building.. The choice of content is designed to reflect the company values ​​and technological innovations, making it immediately clear that you are in a place of excellence and avant-garde.

High impact content

The Salesforce video wall is not only a visually impressive display, but also a powerful communication tool. It is used to showcase real-time data, business results, customer stories, and even digital art. This multifunctional approach not only entertains visitors, but also informs them about the company’s latest news and successes.

Ability to entertain and inform

The combination of static and dynamic content ensures that visitors’ attention is always captured. From promotional videos to real-time performance data, the video wall provides a complete overview of the company and its operations. The use of smooth animations and creative transitions makes the viewing experience even more immersive.

Technical details of excellence

The Salesforce installation is a masterpiece from a technical point of view as well. Here are some details that contributed to its success:

1. 8K Resolution: The video wall uses 8K resolution displays to ensure unprecedented clarity and detail.

2. High Brightness: With a brightness of over 1000 nits, contents are perfectly visible even in environments with plenty of natural light.

3. Dynamic Content Platformstrong: Salesforce uses advanced content management software that allows for real-time updates and personalization of messages based on visitors.

4. Audio Immersivo: L’installazione include un sistema audio surround che completa l’esperienza visiva con un suono di alta qualità.



A video wall in the reception is much more than just an aesthetic choice; it is a powerful marketing and communication tool.

La flessibilità dei videowall consente di aggiornare facilmente i contenuti, mantenendo sempre fresco e attuale il messaggio aziendale. This not only entertains and informs, but educates visitors, strengthening their emotional connection with the brand and leaving a lasting impression.

In short, video walls are not just an aesthetic tool, but a key element in the corporate branding strategy, capable of transforming the reception into a powerful vehicle for communication and brand enhancement.

If you want to go a step further and create a magnificent welcome for your guests, Kiosk can assist you in the design and concept of your video wall, offering a turnkey solution that includes hardware supply, management software, maintenance and content creation.


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Discover our video wall solutions for reception!

Do you want to transform your reception into an impactful area that immediately captures the attention of your guests? Our latest generation video walls are the perfect solution for you! We offer a complete range of customizable proposals, designed to satisfy every aesthetic and functional need.

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Kiosk consultant
Discover our video wall solutions for reception!

Do you want to transform your reception into an impactful area that immediately captures the attention of your guests? Our latest generation video walls are the perfect solution for you! We offer a complete range of customizable proposals, designed to satisfy every aesthetic and functional need.

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