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Digital signage in jewelers and luxury shops
Sunday, 20 February 2022
Digital signage in jewelers and luxury shops

Jewelers and luxury shops have turned their attention to digital signage as a means of communication, engagement and relationship with their fans within the points of sale. It is now clear that the digitalization process currently underway has influenced and contributed, in some Maisons, to redefine the brand experience in the various touchpoints making up the purchase path.

As Joseph Pine and James H. Gilmore described in The Experience Economy in 1999, the attention of companies has shifted from a product economy to an experience-based economy. This need for change in the marketing DNA has in fact transformed some brands into “suppliers” of emotions and experiences.

The simple production of goods and services is no longer sufficient: it is the “experiences” offered to the customer that form the basis for creating the value of an asset.
Offering unique and memorable experiences has become a crucial topic to be given due weight in order to remain competitive.


But how to succeed?

Digital signage represents an opportunity for the luxury sector because it allows the emotions linked to the brand to be conveyed in a captivating way. A engage designed ad hoc to create relationship and emotional involvement with the values of the brand and its products.


Shopping experience in gioielleria con il digital signage


With digital signage, even Luxury is able to bring the right message where the decision is made, thanks to the transmission and control technology of networked displays.
A fresh and captivating message, unique and differentiated at the same time, capable of arousing emotions thanks to well-prepared commercials or video messages.
A message that can be easily updated and transmitted, carefully structured in schedules to satisfy different geographic profiles or specific preferences of the target. This is a rather relevant aspect. Thanks to it, in fact, many shops and flagship stores advertise their new product or the new spot on the entire network in almost real-time. And all this, not only by enormously reducing costs and diffusion times, but by ensuring maximum coverage and timing.


Research results

Research confirms that digital signage in jewelers and luxury stores have various beneficial effects.

The first is the communicative effect: the elements and ideas contained in the video message and in the images shown evoke specific experiences and emotions in the customer, and therefore positively influence the predisposition to purchase. This is especially true if the message has been well packaged with elements that appeal to emotions, moods, care, etc.

The second effect, known as the “umbrella effect”, identifies digital signage as a means of transporting a brand active in a given market to other, often adjacent, product categories. A strategy that exploits the reputation and historical strength of the brand to attack new market segments.

The third is the relational effect, which extends to all moments of the day, and therefore to the entire journey of the customer journey. In the evening, when the window is closed, when the jewels are removed for security reasons, digital signage turns out to be an important tool to ensure continuity in terms of communication and relationship with the customer, because it allows communication to continue in a different way. product or brand with their fans or occasional passers-by.


What do you need?

To obtain this result, all aspects must be correctly orchestrated, from the choice of equipment to their best location, from the management system to the creation and programming of contents. The content , very often improvised and “home made”, is instead something delicate to be left to specialized agencies if you want to adequately exploit the capabilities of digital signage in the construction of the showroom image.


A turnkey offer

Kiosk offers complete and turnkey digital signage solutions , both on a technical level (software and hardware) and on a creative level.
All to help you offer the best possible shopping experience.

Many Italian companies still use our technology.


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Would you like to know more?

Our team of experts is available to learn about your business challenges and support you in your digital communication project.

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