Digital signage in bank branches. Which software?

01 March 2013

The transition from a “nice to have” to a “must to have”.

The banking and financial world is undergoing major changes. On the one hand, the need to reduce costs, on the other hand, to provide a service that meets the needs of today’s customers.
“You can’t not communicate” says the first axiom of communication. But the costs?

It is precisely in this area that digital signage finds consensus and benefits at the banking level. The need to provide targeted messages by target and geographical area, the ability to activate campaigns on the fly, without printing and distribution costs, as well as the greater attention that the digital medium manages to earn, are some of the factors that transform digital signage from a “nice to have” to a “must to have”.

There are cases that document an increase in sales of over 40% thanks to the correct use of digital signage.

Adopting digital signage software seems quick and easy. However, each system has its own peculiarities, which can only be found and fully understood with use and experience.

Kiosk is able to support you in defining the best digital signage project for you, carefully evaluating your needs and proposing the most suitable digital signage software for your banking network: from the most accessible to the most performance.

From the analysis to the realization of the project, with installation, maintenance, training, up to the management of your contents. A truly complete service.

And if effectiveness and ROI are important for your choices, find out more about our interactive video counter systems, our Kiosk Targa solution for branch communication or our Kiosk Hydra user flow management systems.