Ultra Thin Bezel Digital Signage Display

31 July 2012

MultiSync® X463UN: High-level Digital Signage

We are pleased to present the top-of-the-range solution in its category, perfect for retail signage, control rooms, transport and rental. The new model from NEC, MultiSync® X463UN is a 46 “LCD public display, LED backlight and with a further reduced bezel to 5.7 mm (bezel to bezel)

MultiSync® X463UN features have real benefits and make installations easier:

Auto ID Function – Assign IDs to monitors in a video wall with the push of a button.
DICOM compatibility – the monitor is also compatible with the medical sector.
Dual Slot Technology – without having to connect other external devices, makes it easy to integrate single board computers and other optional slot accessories.
Hardware Calibration – a fundamental and professional-level tool for having control over contrast, brightness and color temperature.
Control via LAN – essential for more advanced installations, also useful for e-mail alerts for problems eg. no video signal, overheating.
Daisy Chaining – maximum flexibility to compose videowalls at no additional cost via DVI (max. 9 displays) or DisplayPort (max. 30 displays).
Wide range of installation brackets – from basic and professional solutions at the same time. up to customized premium solutions.

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