How to design a successful digital signage network

12 April 2012

A good project is essential.


Digital signage is a powerful way to give information quickly and specifically, creating a new way of communicating with the consumer. However, we cannot limit ourselves to showing advertising images. You have to study the right content, transmit it in the right place, at the right time and to the right target.

The importance of having ad hoc content not only for the brand, but also for the place, for the time, for the day of the week, in order to be more relevant and attractive, is an aspect that should not be underestimated when giving the off to a digital signage project.
Technology paves the way, creates connections and provides the means to do things better and easier than before, but the content of the message is critical if the expected return is to be achieved.

But how to design a Digital Signage network effectively?

1. Establish what is the goal of the project : do you have to drive sales in a certain direction? Do you need to increase your brand awareness? Do you need to increase your advertising revenue?

2. Think carefully about the content : too often we focus on hardware and software and neglect this aspect whose importance is twofold, because it “talks” to your target and determines which hardware is better to choose. For example, if the content includes high definition graphics and an interactive component, the hardware must be able to support this choice.

3. Choose a reliable system : a Digital Signage network must above all function well, be stable and easy to maintain. It is penalizing to have a “No signal” message on a display, not to notice it or not to have foreseen adequate management and intervention plans.

4. Measure its effectiveness : always try to verify how well your Digital Signage network is working in terms of ROI in order to possibly recalibrate your communication.

It should not be forgotten that a digital signage network must be well designed in many aspects and that is why it requires a team of professionals dedicated to the purpose, since its success is linked to factors that go well beyond positioning displays and loading software.
In fact, since with a digital signage network your message reaches your target, at any time and wherever it has been foreseen, this can prove to be a double-edged sword, if you approach the project with superficiality and attention only to the budget of spending without careful planning and integration of parties and actors.

The projects that we have studied for our customers to date have ensured them many and different benefits, above all thanks to the good preliminary analysis work done together. For some, being able to create greater interaction with their customers was the fundamental point, for others the possibility of managing programming remotely and in a personalized way (by time slot, area, etc). For others, being able to measure the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and being able to act promptly to differentiate themselves from competitors was the winning choice.

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