Customer Satisfaction
Emoticon or Smiley to detect customer satisfaction
Wednesday, 01 February 2023
questionario gradimento del cliente con emoticon

Emoticons as an Instant Survey Tool

Emoticons are becoming more and more popular as a valid and effective tool for detecting instant customer satisfaction.
Emoticons, also called smileys, with their iconic synthesis, can easily symbolize the satisfaction rating perceived by the customer.

Thanks to the use of detection systems such as Kiosk Emoticon , today customers can easily and precisely express their appreciation for the service received by choosing the smiley face that best expresses it with a simple touch.
And here are 4 colored smileys ready to collect and represent an appreciation that can be high, medium, low or insufficient.

Their strength is to give voice to a momentary dissatisfaction and to collect disappointments that would otherwise go unexpressed.

If it is true that from a statistical point of view, the use of emoticons may seem scarcely relevant, because the average is easily falsifiable, it is also true that their interest does not lie in the resulting average satisfaction, but in the analysis of the reasons for disappointment that generate in the customer the choice of the red face. Therefore, being able to accurately count the number of dissatisfied customers, and above all identify the reason, is a decisive element in the analysis of Customer Satisfaction .

It can therefore be said that the use of emoticons or smileys is of great value in a strategy to improve customer satisfaction.
The Kiosk Emoticon solution is extremely easy to implement and allows you to conduct surveys on kiosks, tablets, mobile devices or the web.

It is a rental solution, economical and can be activated in no time!
In many areas, the use of Kiosk Emoticon is proving to be simple and effective at the same time. The possibility of being able to apply different survey points and independently package the survey, makes the analysis really meaningful for those who have to deal with customer satisfaction.

Flexibility, data collection and their analysis are the cornerstones of Kiosk Emoticon.

If you intend to apply improvement strategies based on data, and less on perceptions, Kiosk has the right tool for you.


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