Kiosk HELP – the outdoor advertising totem with integrated defibrillator

13 April 2022

Kiosk HELP is the outdoor advertising totem with integrated defibrillator that combines the advantages of digital communication (DOOH) with the possibility of immediate rescue in a public place.
Thanks to the semi-automatic defibrillator (AED) inside the totem, this system becomes a real public emergency point in the event of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Its robust and vandal-proof construction, with an array of superior internal peripherals, make this solution the must-have for uncompromising Smart City projects.


Some data

In the US, one person dies of cardiac arrest every 2 minutes. In Europe there are more than 700,000 cases per year.

In the event of sudden cardiac arrest, the survival rate is very low, between 3% and 7%. With rapid intervention, the survival rate rises to 75%.

Kiosk HELP is available in different configurations. The high degree of finish and sturdiness, the internal equipment of sophisticated control systems, ensure the continuity of its operation and its remote monitoring in all climatic conditions, make this outdoor totem with defibrillator an element of great consideration for the future. smart city projects.

Moreover, thanks to the large and bright 52 “display, Kiosk HELP offers an enviable and superior visual impact in terms of communication, making it the ideal totem also for digital advertising applications in public places with high turnout and high tourist participation.
Single-sided and double-sided, with or without touchscreen, anti-shatter glass and much more, are important features that make this interactive outdoor totem a product.
truly unique.