Internet of Things – IoT

14 April 2015

Rich shopping experiences, happy profiles and measurable relationships with Kiosk solutions for Digital Signage.


The possibility of relating objects to each other, through increasingly intelligent and specific sensors and devices, makes the scenario of digital signage increasingly interesting and object of attention.

Gartner estimates about 26 billion devices and equipment capable of transmitting data to each other over the Internet by 2020. Internet of Things precisely, devices that will use the Web as a technology to communicate with each other, a multitude of data and relationships.

The Internet of Things or IoT as it is usually abbreviated, has become the object of attention from many players. In fact, the possibility of transforming, thanks to sensors, any analog object into a more intelligent one, opens the scenario to multiple applications in almost all sectors.

In fact, with the expected growth of the Internet of Things, there will be an enormous amount of data sources, devices and objects with which to connect and communicate, giving rise to completely new modes of service and usability.
These sources will open the door to fully synchronized and integrated experiences. We think of retail sales, healthcare services, leisure and tourism activities and much more.

The application possibilities are truly unimaginable.

Digital Signage will play a crucial role in the Internet of Things. Not only content specific to the target or location, but also systems controlled and synchronized to the events detected by the sensors used in the totems or large-format displays.


Digital Signage Interattivo - Kiosk


Kiosk has been participating in this vision for years, exploring new territories to improve the customer experience in various application areas.

Providing a rich shopping experience, supporting decisions and improving the relationship with customers, increasing brand awareness have always been our challenge and mission. For this we have designed software packages that allow you to distribute highly profiled content, customize products and provide measurable relationships.

From the design of advanced interfaces, to interactive digital signage, to personalized marketing systems, to advanced addressing systems such as Kiosk Wayfinder , to purchasing support systems or Kiosk Virtual Salesman, to the management and creation of campaigns on the channel , to the most advanced video counters on the market such as Kiosk Live Bank , Kiosk is a one-stop shop for your smart shopping experience projects.

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