Elevate the customer experience in the public administration

26 January 2012

The watchword is to participate, to share, to make your voice heard.
This is the real keystone in the evolution of the web and software applied to the public administration and to the services that are provided to citizens.

A citizen who is no longer a taxable person who simply “receives” what he needs, without giving any importance to the type of environment, of the employee who follows his practice or the time he has spent to complete it.

It is a subject more aware of its social importance, which demands medium-high quality levels, reasonable waiting times and efficiency. The risk is an extremely negative word-of-mouth, with consequent loss of credibility, towards offices and institutions through telephone, email and web reports.

One way to go to keep up with the times and communicate efficiency, transparency and care towards one’s citizenship, is to equip oneself with high-tech systems to optimize queue management, make them more rational, correctly addressed, provide information useful even before the wait begins.

A great example of this strategy is the Kiosk Hydra platform. A centralized system that, starting from the basic functionality of traditional queue eliminators, elevates the customer experience thanks to the most innovative digital signage technology.

Digital Signage does not just mean installing a display, but thinking in a new way, placing the customer or citizen at the center of the communication process, to get closer to their real needs, offering them a higher level of service.