Digital Signage in Italy: a rapidly growing market

10 May 2012

Interest in digital signage is growing in Italy

In recent years, also thanks to the availability of large format displays at affordable costs, together with the greater coverage and low costs of data connection technologies, we have witnessed a first phase of diffusion of devices and systems for video information. DS systems have appeared in some shops, public places, museums, squares, subways, hotels and shopping centers.

The Digital Signage market in Italy is experiencing a moment of effervescence, also because many companies have understood that being able to transmit and deliver your message 24/7 to the right target, in the right place and time, is the best you can aim for. with a view to effective communication. However, the visible realizations do not always reveal careful planning and attention to the fundamental details to ensure a profitable return on investment.

Certainly many variables come into play, not least the budget, however many tests are confirming the expected return on investment. Many advertising agencies we have worked with are changing the allocation of their budgets, subtracting them from television advertising in favor of forms of outdoor advertising. A new way of understanding communication towards the mass consumer is opening up, which requires new visual formats and new analyzes.

For further information, visit our section dedicated to the Digital Signage market in Italy. Here they will find data space and updated reports on the scenario.