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Digital signage and customer experience
Monday, 25 October 2021
digital signage and customer experience

When we take a closer look at the value of the customer experience and how digital signage can contribute to it, many cases come to mind, some successful, others, well, not quite.
Who hasn’t happened to be in a place, to have to make a decision and to need information to support it? Virtually everyone.

Or being in a shop or seeing a large window display with a NO SIGNAL message in place of the expected product advertisement?
Digital signage was born to bring communication where it is needed and where decisions, whether to purchase or service, are made. Yet, despite its inherent characteristic, we see unpleasant situations due to poor implementation, which result in lost visibility opportunities or a poor service offer.



Customer experience today

Information and communication are fundamental elements in the current scenario, since we live in the information age in real time, with customers ever faster in making decisions and doing research and comparisons.
Therefore, running into a display that is blocked or that shows obsolete or hardly usable information, has an impact on the customer experience.
Digital signage is a powerful tool for engaging and relating to the consumer because it allows you to arrive with an updated communication where it is needed or where it is best received. However, it is necessary to orchestrate everything well and correctly map the scenario of needs and ways.



Experience and strategy are essential

In fact, it is not enough to place displays if there is no correct direction. And good direction is not enough if the devices and the software adopted do not offer flexibility and functionalities suitable for facilitating content updating staff.
We are talking about the classic situation, still visible today in some shops, where on the displays instead of the expected message we are shown a message like ” No signal “.

Orchestrating it all is not easy, but improvisation or inexperience can sometimes play tricks.

A software like Dise can make a difference in these cases and really save you a lot of trouble. Not for nothing is it the program for the management of displays in retail preferred by global brands.
Its ability to manage multiple displays located practically anywhere, with its advanced features, make it a highly reliable solution and therefore a reason for preference.
Dise requires a very small investment, and in return ensures completely different results from other applications.

Many important companies and brands use Dise digital signage software for its publishing and schedule management features.


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