Increase visitors to your site with a responsive version.

30 May 2014

Today, having a site that is attractive and correctly visible on every device is essential. Research in the sector confirms that furniture is only one piece of the journey of purchasing or consulting content: it starts on the subway, continues in the office and ends at home.

In this context, it is clear that being able to offer a coherent web experience means not only strengthening your brand but also stimulating new demand and therefore a predictable increase in profits.


A proper site makes the difference. Because?

Having a well-designed website, original and based on solid marketing strategies, is essential for the business of any company.

A good site must not only be pleasant, easy to use and update, but today more than ever, it must be correctly visible on all devices and allow the implementation of targeted digital marketing activities, well targeted and with a well measurable metric. .


Mobile First say the Anglo-Saxons. We can no longer afford to offer an inconsistent experience on an important channel like the web.

Not only. According to Google, 61% of searches carried out with a mobile and which lead to a non-optimized site, involve the immediate abandonment of the site and the return to Google in search of a more easily readable site. So how do you plan to position yourself on this new scenario?

Some companies have entrusted Kiosk with the restyling of their site, with responsive technology, obtaining a site suitable for ensuring readability and usability on multiple devices, therefore capable of welcoming more visitors.

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