E-commerce: new business models to fight the crisis

05 May 2014

Kiosk e-commerce projects.

At a time like the current one, many companies are embracing the path of e-commerce as a strategy to counter the crisis. In a country like ours, gripped by a thousand problems, the possibility of selling your products abroad can certainly make the difference.

According to data from the 2013 B2C eCommerce Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano , e-commerce in Italy grew by 15% from 2012 to 2013. These are purchases made online, on Italian and foreign sites and range from insurance, tourism, information technology and consumer electronics, clothing, publishing sectors.

Various factors are involved in facilitating growth. At least 15 years of presence of the new channel, an increased catchment area, the spread of smartphones and tablets that have made everything more accessible and usable, are elements that establish the need for a stance towards an e- commerce.
An additional channel then that of e-commerce, which today allows many companies to walk the path of exports with profits and growth.
Whether we like it or not, times have changed and we need to embrace the change. However, there are now many successful cases in this area, even on the Italian scene.


But how to do it?

Doing e-commerce does not just mean creating a website and putting it online. It is necessary to evaluate a well-articulated planning process, given the logistical and business aspects connected. A complete and professional e-commerce platform impacts the company organization, internal resources, marketing and communication: aspects that must be realigned with a new business model and that require experts capable of working in a team. A multidisciplinary approach, capable of bringing out gray areas, solving today’s needs while also giving space to tomorrow’s opportunities. In practice, designing a solid and concrete project, which leaves nothing to chance.

Therefore, not only the technological aspects, but also those of design and business that must be balanced to have the expected return. However, a good dose of courage, entrepreneurial momentum, and an experienced partner can make all the difference.
Eric Hoffer, an American writer and philosopher, said: “In times of change, those who continue to learn will inherit the earth, those who have stopped learning will be prepared to act in a world that no longer exists.”


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